Just like Flavah’s food, the Flavah experience is constantly evolving. Join us in our new Flavah adventure, including Flavah Meal Prep, Flavah Underground, personalized catering, and Flavah Back Door.

Enjoy the unique and exciting Flavah food experience through:

Flavah Meal Prep – Enjoy timelessly delicious meals prepared by the Flavah team! We do all the cooking, so you don’t have to. Place your order by 2 p.m on Wednesday, and pick up the following Monday.

Flavah Underground – Plan for a Flavah Underground event in our newly renovated space. Choose from one of our popular menus or have a menu customized to your event.

Personalized Catering – Bring Chef Kevin’s inventive menus and creative meals into your home with Flavah’s catering services.

Flavah Back Door – Visit Flavah out back for street food for foodies. Watch us on Facebook or Instagram or subscribe to our emails to find out about the next Flavah Back Door event.

Flavah’s evolution includes our love of food and a passion for ingredients. Everything from Kevin’s Famous Kale Salad to a customized menu for a Flavah Underground event have been thoughtfully planned to include balance, seasonality and of course, FLAVAH!