Featuring a Flavah Underground Meal!

Pork Bolognese with 5-Onion Risotto

Featuring a Flavah Underground Meal Today at Flavah To You

Everyone’s been asking about Flavah Underground. Here’s your chance to give it a try. Today we are featuring Pork Bolognese with 5-Onion Risotto, a meal from the Italian menu Chef Kevin customized for a Flavah Underground party this past weekend. Order yours now – while supplies last!

To order any of our meals, salads, soups or more, order online by noon today for delivery between noon and 3 pm.

Flavah To You Delivery Orders
Online or call 630.433.2323
Order by noon for same-day delivery between noon and 3 pm Monday thru Friday.
Specific delivery times not available.
Food arrives chilled so you can warm and serve at your convenience.

Please call us at 630-433-2323 if you have any issues. We want to meet your needs.

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