We Heard You: Let’s Try Carry Out

Carry Out Trial


We hear you! Some customers miss coming to Flavah to pick up their orders. Chef Kevin’s main goal is keeping his customers happy, so we’re going to give carry out a try, with some tweaks to make it work in the current environment.

If you’d like to pick up your order rather than having it delivered, place your order either online or by phone by noon. Orders can be picked up between 11 am and 3 pm.

Our online ordering system requires a delivery address to place an order. If our trial works out, we’ll add a carry-out option to our menu. In the meantime, please note CARRY OUT in the notes section when you order online. If you do not note carry out in the notes, your order will be delivered to the delivery address entered between noon and 3 pm.


Feedback or questions? More ideas? Call us at 630.433.2323 or email us at FlavahRestaurant@gmail.com to let us know how we can best meet your needs.


Try our Virtual Flavah Underground to share a meal with friends while remaining socially distant. Chef Kevin will create a custom menu just for your special event and will deliver meals to each of your friends’ homes.

One upcoming event’s menu features a cheese board as the first course followed by a Moroccan chickpea salad. The main course, Moroccan lamb with couscous, is wrapped up nicely with baklava for dessert.

Not into Moroccan food? Chef Kevin will customize a menu just for you. Just tell him what you have in mind. Call 630.433.2323 or email FlavahRestaurant@gmail.com to reserve your date now.


We are excited to announce that our online ordering vendor has been working hard to provide a view-menu-only option, and that we are now testing it out on our online ordering menu. Please take a look and let us know what you think. Remember you have to return from the view-only menu to the home page and select delivery if you decide you’d like to place an order.

Online or by phone (630.433.2323)
Order by noon for same-day delivery between noon and 3 pm.
Please be patient with us as we work out glitches with our new system.
Please call us at 630-433-2323 if you have any issues. We want to meet your needs. 

Food arrives chilled so you can warm and serve at your convenience.
Deliveries made between noon and 3 pm. Specific delivery times not available.

Please note: in-store services and curbside pick up are no longer available. Currently trying a carry out service. See top of blog post for details.

Monday through Friday
Order by noon for same-day delivery
Deliveries made between noon and 3 pm. Specific delivery times not available
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Book your Flavah Underground event today – or Virtual Flavah Underground! Contact us with any questions or reservations at 630-433-2323 or FlavahRestaurant@gmail.com. 

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