Flavah To You – Jan 5

Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple Rice

Day Two of Flavah To You

Day One of Flavah To You was a huge success thanks to our loyal customers and new customers willing to give us a chance. Thank you for trying out Flavah To You!

As we move into Day Two of our new service, we’re featuring our Teriyaki Chicken with Pineapple Rice meal. Check out our meal and soup list below, and be sure to check out our full menu online.

Jan 5, 2021

While we no longer offer carry out service and our daytime dine-in service will not return, don’t worry! You can still experience the real, fresh, seasonal foods and inventive creations you expect from Flavah, they’ll just be coming to you in a whole new way.

Four of them, actually. 

Read this blog post to learn more about Flavah To You, Flavah Underground, Custom Catering, and Flavah Back Door.

Introducing Online Ordering

Flavah is excited to offer you the convenience of online ordering.

Please be patient with us as we work out glitches with our new system.

If you have any issues, please call us at 630-433-2323 to allow us to help or to fix any problems. 

If you’d prefer to stick with the phone, feel free to place your orders by phone at 630-433-2323.

Order by noon for delivery between noon and 3 pm. Specific delivery times not available.

Book your Flavah Underground event today! Contact us with any questions or reservations at 630-433-2323 or FlavahRestaurant@gmail.com. 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about Flavah 2021. Contact us with any questions at 630-433-2323 or FlavahRestaurant@gmail.com. 

Order and Pay
Or by phone at 630.433.2323

Food arrives chilled so you can warm and serve at your convenience

Please note: in-store ordering and pick up and curbside pick up are no longer available.

Monday through Friday
Order by noon
Delivery between noon and 3 pm – specific delivery times not available
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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